Useful Info - Incoterms

  Any Mode or Modes of Transport Sea and Inland Waterway Transport
  Ex: Works Free Carier Carriage paid to Carriage & Ins. paid to Delivered at Terminal Delivered at Place Delivered Duty Paid Free Alongside Ship Free on Board Cost & Freight Cost Insurance & Freight
Services Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays Who Pays
Export Packing                      
Marking / Labeling                      
Block & Brace a a a a a a a a a a a
Export Documents License AES EE                      
Freight Forwarder Documentation                      
Inland Freight to Carrier   b                  
Origin Terminal Charges                      
Vessel Loading                      
Ocean Freight / Air Freight                      
Nominate Forwarder                      
Marine Insurance   e e   e e e e e e  
Unload Carrier     d d           d d
Destination Terminal Charges     d d d         d d
Nominate On Carrier     e e e e          
Security Information Requirements                      
Customs Broker Fees                      
Duties, Customs Fees, Taxes                      
Delivery to Buyer Destination     e e e e          
Delivery Unloading                      
  a Per Agreement in Contract
  b Seller arranges & loads pre-carrier and pay inlad Freight to "F" delivery location
  c No Obligation
  d Charges paid by either Buyer or Seller Depending upon Contract of Carriage
  e Charges paid by Seller If Through BL or Door/Door Buyer's Destination

Key Points

  • We are glad to inform that Mr. Mahesh Sivaswamy has been awarded the Logistics Personality of the year Award at Cargo Scope International Conference & Exhibition 2013 held at Trade & Convention Centre, Chennai on 19th July 2013.
  • TGLS offers highly advanced standard services specially tailored to meet specific customer requirements
  • Guaranteed capacity and ability to adapt to growing sea-freight trade volumes, quickly and efficiently
  • Strong Air and Ocean freight capabilities in offering integrated turn-key project forwarding and break bulk logistics management services to various industries on a global scale
  • Reputation as a global market leader for our worldwide presence and extensive business channels, as well as our unique approach to manage the movement of any sized or shaped cargo involved in broad range of disciplines
  • A fleet of own and leased trucks in all countries and our cutting-edge technology to provide tailor-made Road Freight Solutions
  • A wide range of warehousing services for various industries worldwide